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Brahmin Samaj of Alberta Society was incorporated in the Province of Alberta, Canada in the year 2016 as a non-profit organization. The purpose of the organization is to promote Cultural and Charitable events associated with Brahmin Samaj.

Nilesh Vyas, President
Message from the President:


Har Har Mahadev Everyone,


From once a volunteer to help out with the social media activity to now become a President for Brahmin Samaj of Alberta and representing all Brahmins is something that I consider amazing and also challenging. I am glad I have been given a chance to represent and organize activities and events that would bring our community together and identifying ways on how we can help our community and specially our youth in understanding the values for being a Brahmin.

During my term as a President, my goal is to bring a change in the way we interact as a Community and also to highlight achievements from any of the community member to motivate others in a positive way and create a healthy competition. I am hoping that individuals from different background in their career or respective expertise would come forward and share their experiences and help motivate our children in planning their road forward.


            If you have any questions and/or concerns about any of our planned events, volunteering or join our committee, please feel free to reach out to us and my team will try their best to help you out.                                                

Our Team.

Har Har Mahadev,

Thanks for visiting our website. Please make yourself familiar with our committee members. We would be more than happy to consider anyone who would like to be a part of the committee going forward or would like to be a volunteer with us. Your contribution and assistance would be of great help at Brahmin Samaj of Alberta.

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